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SW#297: [Zenra QQ] Enchanted by the Boy Toilets 2


A bunch of boys serve as toilets for the school to help the students concentrate more on studying. The only problem is, all the boys want to take it in the ass, and nobody wants to be on top. How can they solve this issue? TL Note: Yui’s brother is named “Mai”. The kanji in his name can also be pronounced as “Bui”. Bui sounds like buhi, the sound pigs make when they oink in Japanese. It’s also how they pronounce the letter “V”.

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SW#282: [Horihone Saizou] Molly House Chapter 2-3

Two chapters this time! The first actually doesn’t have sex, though it does have fanservice. The author actually thought he had almost twice as many pages as he did, so he ran out of space for the sex. Second chapter is just pure wonderful sex between a cute man and a beautiful boy. Huge traps are so nice.
By Dark Mac & DerEX
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SW#281: [RED-RUM] Higurashi no Koe

Sequel of “After School Ladies Club”‘s 3rd chapter, although not in the same series (this is kinda convoluted) featuring the same lovely trap and her delicious thighs getting in a sticky situation.
The previous chapters and spin-offs will be translated after this so the plot can finally make sense.
By Yukio & derEX
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