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LWB #1955: [Bakunyu Fullnerson (Kokuryuugan)] Kuroi Taiyou Kageno Tsuki EPISODE 2: somebody love you – Black Sun and Shadow Moon 2 (Futari wa Precure)

bssm2_01I couldn’t believe the second chapter of
one of my earliest contacts with futa was still untranslated.
I present you: best Precure fucking each other up! With cocks!

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Read the first chapter here.

LWB#1907: [Hebitunagary] Ada no Ashley Choukyouki (Resident Evil 4)


Ada fucked up, Leon never comes, and the Los Illuminados seem primed to begin their plot to rule the world. The only thing that stands between them and total world domination is the U.S. president’s daughter. Can she hold on?

No. No, she can’t.

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