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LWB #2000: [Clover] Selfless Love

Two girls run a club to help the sexually awkward.
This volunteering opens the girls to all sorts of problems…

So this makes 2000 releases under the LittleWhiteButterflies flag…
What better story than an unusual yet great work from Clover?
Certainly one of my favorite authors, and loved by many. Their range of fetishes definitely suits a milestone like this.

Here’s to a thousand more releases!
(and shameless recruiting plug)

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SW#403: [Inochi Wazuka] When I Became Her Slave (Complete)

inochiAt long last, the ending! This is kind of a turning point for me
as this is one of the earliest projects I ever worked on.
Some curse afflicted this story because it went through
so many editors who then disappeared, leaving it unfinished…

Until Borgler came up and here it is!
Some good old Inochi Wazuka. Enjoy!

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