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LWB #1972: {Ponymas#01} [Mayoineko (Various)] Horse Kunoichi (Mare Holic 3 Kemolover EX)

As we look back on 2016 and forward to 2017 we invariably
think of the ups and downs, the resolutions kept and broken,
and the amazing and horrible porn we’ve seen. Our biggest regret here at LWB is we didn’t whack it to enough horses, so to rectify that we are giving you the 12 Mares of Ponymas.

On the first day of Ponymas, my true love gave to me:
Seduction skills training.

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LWB#1907: [Hebitunagary] Ada no Ashley Choukyouki (Resident Evil 4)


Ada fucked up, Leon never comes, and the Los Illuminados seem primed to begin their plot to rule the world. The only thing that stands between them and total world domination is the U.S. president’s daughter. Can she hold on?

No. No, she can’t.

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