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    I was wondering if you guys were still operating at all, the last update on here was from last year and the discord invite is dead. Thanks.

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    Hello, I don’t know if you will ever read this message but could you translate this hmanga:

    The first 3 chapters are already translated but the last few chapters, but I can’t seem to find a translation anywhere. I would love to see what actually happens in the end. Thanks so much

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    Would you be okay doing the translation of a manga call write sister. Only thing you have to do is do the translation for chapter 9 to 28. I have the full manga if you need it.

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    [Sorahachi Midoro (Jackasss)] Oretachi roshutsu kappuru

    Two flashing perverts (one is male while the other is female) wearing only a trench coat casually meet in the middle of the night.

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    [Yosutebito na Mangakaki (Tomoki Tomonori)] Oshioki Dakara Nani shite mo Ii no yo (Touhou Project) [Digital]

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    Can anybody translate this manga (Kindan by Osakabe Mashin) from Vol 3-5? Unfortunately, I don’t have raws and have been searching EVERYWHERE. I don’t mind paying, just want to know the rest of the story since the original scanlation group stopped.

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    Im making this request in the hopes that since you guys did the previous works by the artist/circle Kawaraya ata/honpo that you might fill in a gap thats been missing for a bit?

    someone recently translated thier most recent work Q-pet but the release before that one, Until the first night comes is still untranslated. since you guys did release the Sin Lovey Dovey work of thiers, im hoping that you will translate this one. thanks!

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    The GG Quatre series by Eiden, they got uploaded in 2010 and one issue just recently got uploaded today. For probably over a decade none of his works have been translated at all. Check him out on twitter, his animations are great as well. @eiden_2016

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    Huge fan of your translations! I would like to request “[Nightmare Express -Akumu no Takuhaibin-] Yokubou Kaiki Dai 530 Shou – Kyousei Josou Kutsujoku Inkei Zecchou Shasei -Jikken 01- Shiru Shuushuu Sareta Nanao-kun” if anyone would be interested.

    As far as I can tell, someone is abducted and feminized, with a whole bunch of other delightfully weird stuff going on, but I would love to know exactly what is going on here!

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    Hello guys,
    many thanks for your hard work! You are great!

    I loved your translations of [Kaneyama Shin] Saint Kangoku Gakuen part 1 and 2.
    Can you please translate the remaining parts?
    [Kaneyama Shin] Saint Kangoku Gakuen 3:
    [Kaneyama Shin] Saint Kangoku Gakuen 4:
    [Kaneyama Shin] Saint Kangoku Gakuen 5:
    [Kaneyama Shin] Saint Kangoku Gakuen 6:

    And maybe this one, too:
    [Kaneyama Shin] Tsuma Horoboshi:

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    Can I have a short, H-manga Japanese to English translation done?
    Is it free or is there payment too?
    I’m willing to pay to see this one translated.

    Sorry here is the link

    It’s Ayanami 2 by Combat Mon Mon (Hiratsura Masaru). A fine drawer of asses. The first one of these was translated years back and I thought the second was soon to follow, but alas.

    Here is a textless version of it if that makes it any easier.

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    Can I have a short, H-manga Japanese to English translation done?

    Is it free or is there payment too?
    I’m willing to pay to see this one translated.

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    Good evening!

    I’ve been following your projects for a long time, and i finally thoguht of requesting a hentai.

    I would be very happy if you translated this one:
    (Kansai! Kemoket 8) [Sokomono Suisou (Takatsuki Nato)] The lost humanism

    Thanks for all this amazing content you people had been providing me! You guys are amazing!

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    Hello LWB! I love your works on translating most of the manga I read, and I appreciate your very awesome hard work on translating!

    I know this might be too many of a pages count, but I’ve not found anyone who has yet translated the whole EROGROS vol. 2

    If you do translate them, words can’t express how much I’d be grateful for it!

    Thank you in advance?

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    Love your work so far! Is there any chance you could look into the rest of Rokumonsen’s Roshutsu Shoujo Itan series some time? IIRC there’s only two or three left untranslated right now, would be awesome to finally get to read the full series, huge thanks for your work on Roshutsu Shoujo Itan Juuni Hen btw!

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      Thanks! But unlikely we’ll do the other ones unfortunately. We only did that one because it was a commission.

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    Hello, I’d like to suggest the next short doujin:

    I think it best represents a ShiiRiko ship. Last page isn’t really needed since is not related to the doujin itself.

    Willing to pay if needed.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you for all the work you do!

    I was hoping to see if the team could finish translating the other two works from Soborogo.

    I can definitely send some money your way to hopefully make it worthwhile. I don’t know how much a full commission costs, but I’ll contribute in any way I’m able to.

    Stay safe!

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    hello how are you today. i’ve been looking every where for this translation and it seems in is not translated so i was considering trying my hand at it myself but i’m extremely en-proficient at other languages aside from english. so in hopes that this can be translated properly i’m submitting this to you. also in advance it is a netorare CG so if you don’t like it you don’t have to translate it. many people disagree with it but honestly its the only H media i’ll watch in hentai. i love anime but, when it comes to hentai ntr is my main tag.

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    Hi. Been following U guys’ releases. Thanks for all your hard work guys.

    Recently I stumbled across a series which only been translated halfway. “ニセDRAGON・BLOOD!”. English translation was only from Chapter 1-14. Currently it’s at Chapter 24 and I found a lot of sources to read it but unfortunately they are in Japanese. A killjoy not being able to understand as the action takes place. Much appreciated if you guys are able to translate them.

    Chapter 15 •

    Chapter 16 •

    Chapter 16.5 •

    Chapter 17 •

    Chapter 17.5 •

    Chapter 18 •

    Chapter 18.5 •

    Chapter 19 •

    Chapter 19.5 •

    Chapter 20 •

    Chapter 20.5 •

    Chapter 21 •

    Chapter 21.5 •

    Chapter 22 •

    Chapter 23 •

    Chapter 24 •

    If payment is needed, do contact me and we will work out with something. Thanks in advance.

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    I was wanting to get either one or all of thes translated:
    •[Chiguchi Miri] Fukuramikake ga Osuki Desho
    •(C97) [micro page (Kuromotokun)] JC Kankin de Seikyouiku + JC no Omake
    •[Nishi Iori] Omocha Hime
    •(C79) [Dasshifunnyuu (Nishi Iori)] RANRAN Zanteigou

    Im not sure how this works but if you charge for a translation just let me know how much and when you can get started, thx

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    First thanks a lot for the amazing work you’re doing. I was wondering if you have planned the translation of the last chapters of Black Witch Ectasy By Pinkjoe?

    Have a great day!

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    Would you be interested in translating this new scan of mine? One of haguhagu’s new releases. I’m a bit of an artist myself and have plans on decensoring it and maybe colorizing, so I can help out with removing some of the original text if that makes it easier to replace it with English. I’d be happy to make a donation/commission as well. Let me know. Thanks.

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    I would like to commissionthe translation of this doujin.
    There’s only a few doujins come from this series. I would really appreciate it if you got time to translate it.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Greetings just wanted to say great job on translating such amazing titles

    Wanted to make a suggestion. I love the art work of Kimura Naoki just wanted to ask if you are able to translate more work from him
    (C85) [Kikuya (Kimura Naoki)] Senkan Nagato Inranka Kaishuu (Kantai Collection)

    also another good artist is Nabe and was hoping this work may be translated. It’s long but the art is amazing
    [Nabe no Circle] Chuunen Oyaji ga Futari no Bitch to Sex Suru Hanashi.

    Thank you

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    There is some awesome femdom, chastity and NTR by an artist named Denchi. The series is up to chapter 4:

    It contains some absolute gold in terms of dirty talk, chastity play, teasing, humiliation, NTR and general femdom. Content similar to Akai Mato, if Akao Mato had strong(er) NTR themes!

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    This is a story about a slave bunny girl going through machine violation. Would like it to get translates so it would be more relatable. Been waiting for a translate years now yet his works [LoL] are poorly translated 🙁

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    Not sure if my previous comment was approved (not seeing it). Basically I have a NTR manga (60ish pages) I’d like translated but the raws aren’t free anywhere (I’ve looked) so I bought it myself. If LWB wants to be my hero who will translate it for free I’ll send over the raws asap! Thanks

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    How about: [Mikan Dou] Munechira

    Many of the others by this guy are translated, but this remains untranslated although it’s definitely one of the better ones.

    (On another note, if anyone can tell me, what has happened to exhentai, and why it cant be accessed anymore (by me), although it worked before, that would be appreciated…
    I don’t like their radical obfuscating about this topic anyway and think it only causes problems to the users.)

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    I was wondering if you guys would be willing to pick up translating Cheers!. Most of the raws are on Exhentai I believe. It’s super long (21 or so volumes now and still going) and only about half is translated. I realise this is a big ask though, and most likely a long-term project. If compensation is required for a project of this magnitude I will happily put up at least some of the money (though probably not all at once lol). But it’s one of my favourite hmangas so I’d love to see it fully done at some point.


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    [Doumou] Suki Suki Otousan

    Chapter 1
    page 86-125
    Chapter 2
    page 174-217
    page 218-225

    From what I’ve heard… story’s about a woman who fell in love with the old guy who rescued her from a train molester. Later she found out the old guy is co worker. She seduced him. They became lovers, then eventually started living together. One day old man noticed the resemblance of the woman to her exlover some years ago. Later he secretly get a dna test to see if his suspicion was right. And yup, he got it right. The woman was his daughter from his ex. Later the woman found out the truth as well. Disgusted, the woman try to forget evry sex they had and asked the old man if they could just live as a normal family. From there, both of them suppressed their lust for each other. But one day, while the woman is cleaning the house he found some video tapes. Curious about the content, she and her father watched it. And boom! It’s their sextape! And all those supprresed lust just exploded. And you know what happens next.

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    Shot me if these holy pieces of holy Shinnihon Pepsitou’s art will never be translated (I remember you guys already have been translating some his works) :
    I think some day I’ll start learning japanese just to translate them by myself.

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    Can you guys start translating Ogu oshikko sensei works again? it has been almost 2 years since last translation from this artist

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      Hey, I tried to upvote this, there were three downvotes at the time, but it automatically added another downvote (now 4). Maybe a bug, but it also seems there is increasing ideologicalisation by self-important hentai users, this is so annoying (and stupid)…

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    Can you please translate the 2nd and 3rd part of ”Parasite Tree” by Take ([タケ] 寄生樹)? They are published on Comic Unreal.

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    Can you please translate the 2nd and 3rd part of “Parasite Tree” by Take ([タケ] 寄生樹)? They are published on Comic Unreal.

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    Just wanted to say you guys do an awesome job! I see that a couple people have requested it and they have the most thumbs up so can you guys finish the rest of
    “Exposing my Family” by Tanaka Aji?

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    Please do Tanaka Aji’s work. especialy the “unsweet mom aimi wakui” and “exposing my family” series.

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    There is a series called Nightmare Express by the group Akumu no Takuhaibin that popped up recently. All the stories revolve around people being bound and gagged and forced into humiliating scenarios.

    My favorite is Yokubou Kaiki Dai 554 Shō – Mesu Ochi Kan Sa Reta Natsu. Yūkai Sa Reta Aidoru Wa Jitsuwa Otoko No Musumedatta

    Its about an Idol who is abducted and held for ransom, only to be discovered that she is actually a boy. They have their way with him for eight days, on the final day the leave him tied in the back of a van with exhaust being pumped inside.

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    I know this is old but really loved the translations on Oyomesama Honey Days by Tana few years back. But kinda sad it’s only until chapter 5 of the first book. Just wondering if you guys have any plans to continue translating back that series. – Oyomesama Honey Days Jou – Oyomesama Honey Days Ge

    Good luck with the translation projects.

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    Loved your guys’ work on LWB# 2035: [TANAKA AJI] EXPOSING MY FAMILY CH. 1. Was wondering if you’d consider continuing the series.

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    I want an English translation of these following books by Kawaraya Honpo


    Hana – Maki no Ichi Kai

    Hana Kan no San ( or Hana Maki no San)

    Hana – Maki no Roku – Hana no Toge

    Hana – Maki no Yon – Aku no Hana

    Hana – Maki No Go – Hana no Tsubomi

    Hana – Maki no Ni

    1. 2

      [Yuunagi no Senryokugai Butai (Nagi Ichi)] Sabaku no Kuni no Gouman Ouji ga Ketsuhame Sex ni do Hamari Suru Ohanashi


      [Yuunagi no Senryokugai Butai (Nagi Ichi)] Futago Shounen Yaritai Zakari

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    Hello all
    I have a suggestion for maybe a translation i found on nhentai some lolicon doujin from the artist mashikodori. They look verry nice i havent seen a single one translated yet in english.
    They look very nice.

    Here is one of my favorite of this artist i hope u will take a look at this one.

    There are a couple of others of the same artist like

    I hope u guys will take a look at this artist.

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    I loved the work done on Koyanagi Royal’s Fundamentals of Demonology Part 1. I would love to see Part 2 done at some point as well.

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    Was hoping you guys could do Crossover by Hoshizaki Hikaru. It’s 2 chapters, 34 pages. You did some of his other work so I was hoping for this one too. Please and thx.

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    Hey, guys I’m wondering if you can send me the PSD files of [Koyanagi Royal] Kanjin Kaname no Akuma Gaku Fundamentals of Demonology Part 1 (COMIC ExE 01) [English] LWB
    I’m a Brazilian Portuguese translator, but I don’t have any editors.

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    Hey, guys I’m wondering if you can send me the PSD files of [Koyanagi Royal] Kanjin Kaname no Akuma Gaku | Fundamentals of Demonology Part 1 (COMIC ExE 01) [English] =LWB=
    I’m a Brazilian Portuguese translator, but I don’t have any editors.

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      I would also like to know if you are working on/planing to work on this title as I have been considering to submit this one as a commission to another site. However if you’re already doing it then I wont have to. I would be grateful for a response so I know if I should proceed with my commission or wait for your release.

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    Hi! Can you guys translate this h-manga by Doumou? Genre:Vanilla-DILF-Incest
    It’s actually a tankoubon but I’m not really asking for the entire translation of it, just the Suki Suki Otousan part it has 2 chapters and 1 prologue. Forget the other chapters especially Suki Suki Okaasan since it has already been translated. Thanks.

    1. 2

      Confuses me why nobody has translated this yet since it’s arguably the author’s best work to date. It even has a happy ending so there’s no excuse for anyone to get triggered.

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    I know that this is probably beenrequested before and was mostly rejected cause of how long it is but still I ask that you try to translate
    [Flying Chicken]
    Soto No Sekai Wa Kikende Ippai!! ~Otoko Ga Suitai Shi, Imaya Kichona Otokonoko-Tachi Ni Semaru Kedamono-Tachi No Yokubo~

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    Hello I would like to make a commission request please email me at foundryfan59 (at) mail (dot) com if you are interested thanks

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    I want this game and I heard that your circle is one that translated it before but didn’t find it…..
    The game “the nagatoro saga”

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    It’s been a long while since Pandra II was completed, but no one seems to have picked it up after SaHa dropped it (as he moved on to Fakku). Could you guys pick it up and finish the last volume? SaHa conveniently dropped it after the 2nd volume, so here’s a link to the 3rd volume:

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    Translate, please, these doujinshis:

    (C79) [Uniya (Shinonome Ryu)] Sweet Bitch [2nd Edition] (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

    (C91) [OrangeMaru (YD)] Damashiuchi II (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS)

    (COMIC1☆11) [OrangeMaru (YD)] Tokimeki Nioi (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS)

    (C92) [OrangeMaru (YD)] Shingou Mushi (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS)

    (COMIC1☆12) [OrangeMaru (YD)] Jidou Kouryaku (Fate/Grand Order)

    Thank you in advance! ^_^

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    Please, can you to translate these doujinshis?

    (C91) [Rope Island (Miyanoyuki)] Mirai Yosouzu (Mahou Tsukai Precure!)

    (C92) [Myao (Morinaga Milk)] Afurederu Koboreochiru Kirakiraru (Kirakira PreCure a la Mode)

    [Crazy Clover Club (Shirotsumekusa)] Riku-Mao Complex (Ground Defense Force Mao-chan)

    (C56) [Mizumo Club (Takuya Mizushiro)] Kimi to Issho (True Love Story 2)

    (C52) [T-Press (ToWeR)] Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

    (C54) [T-Press (ToWeR)] Heart Break Taiyouzoku (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

    Thank you for your time!

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    I would like to request the translations of these doujins:

    (C81) [Einshotenin (Shotenin Matori)] Makoto Triangle (THE IDOLM@STER)

    [Yabitsutouge (Ootori Mahiro)] Koko ni Anata ga Inai kara (Love Live! Sunshine!!) [Digital]

    (C88) [Rope Island (Miyanoyuki)] Zettai Zetsumei (Go! Princess PreCure)

    (C89) [Rope Island (Miyanoyuki)] Zettai Zetsumei Part2 (Go! Princess PreCure)

    [Jagabata (Kukuri Oimo)] Secret KISS (THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS) [2017-09-01]

    (C88) [Russiapan (Yuisaki Takumi)] Honoka to Eli no Dousei Seikatsu (Love Live!)

    [Harumachi Tsurara (Shichoson) Ho-lily [Digital]

    (C87) [Watanuki Shinguten (Watanuki Ron)] Yurusen (Fatal Frame)

    (Komeiji Complex 4) [Akikaze Asparagus (Aki)] Incest (Touhou Project)

    [peachpulsar (Mira)] Kage koi [Digital]

    Please, can you to translate these doujins ?
    See you later.

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    This is not really a request, it’s more of a random question (which I am asking here since I don’t see any place else I can ask about it), but I’ve always wondered what was the deal with that random page you guys used as page 25 in Leopard Book 11. Like, why did you feel the need to include something like that in the gallery, and furthermore, why did you feel the need to position it right in the middle of the story rather than at the end? What’s the story behind that?

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    Seems like all the parts of this series have been translated except for this one. Would you folks beable to translate this one as there seems to be more “heart pounding” action 😉
    [Metamor (Ryo)] Juugun Ian Kan Akagi Yon (Kantai Collection -KanColle-) [Digital]

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    There are a few more new Oshikko Sensei material that was released: a couple new chapters in the ZERO prologue as well as Oshikko Sense 6. Can these be translated?

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    I noticed princess honoka part 3 by nanashi is out after such a long time.
    you had translated the first part (second part was by another group translated) so this would be really amazing. quite extreme like what nanashi is known for and part 1 and 2 are still some of the best rated doujins there and personal favorites.
    would be absolutely amazing and it was also so great you had translated the first part back when it came out and made it kinda popular

  58. -4

    the worst year was 2002, but was that only of the last 5 years? what about before that? How did the market do over the last five years? Maybe all REITs did well over the same time period (a rising tide lifts all boats….)Andy

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    Please consider translating this when you have time. Thank you for your hard work.

  60. 51

    Many of Usui (Fakepucco)’s works remained untranslated. You guys have done them before, it would be nice to see you do it again.

    (Reitaisai 10) [Fakepucco (Usui)] EL GENSOW segundo (Touhou Project)
    Content: anal, armpit licking, big breasts, hairy armpits, scat, full color

    (Reitaisai 11) [Fakepucco (Usui)] EL GENSOW tercero (Touhou Project)
    Content: anal, big ass, big breasts, fox girl, hairy armpits, scat, full color

    (Reitaisai 12) [Fakepucco (Usui)] EL GENSOW cuarta (Touhou Project)
    Content: anal, big ass, big breasts, farting, hairy armpits, pantyhose, scat, stockings, full color

    I know you’ve been having massive walls of translations to deal with. I hope you get to do these at ease.

  61. -8

    not you must look deep inside of as you shall find true happiness inside of you. Staying happy in healthy resilaonthip requires that you’re happy with yourself and your spouse no matter what the conditions look

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    Dear Sirs/Ma’am’s/whatever,

    As an English speaking pervert, it pains me to no end that it is impossible to find any of the more…eclectic…Japanese literature in my native tongue. I’ve long given up on finishing series’, and have essentially resigned myself to scraping through the mere handful of translated works – a fair number of which are done by you (papermania is an especial favorite). Anyway, thanks for all the good work. If I could make a request – I saw that you had done all the existing English works of Mikoshiro Honnin. I’m a huge fan of his, and would greatly appreciate it if you could translate the linked story. He’s also got a bunch of other serializations that have yet to be translated, but this particular story is one I’ve been following diligently. Cheers, and keep up the great work!

  63. 1

    Is it possible to get more of yokoyama lynchs stuff even if there is no RAW versions uploaded? Like “Into the Pit” or the “Prey”

    1. 2

      This is a great futa story. Something along the lines of reproduction on earth was slowing so they did genetic modifications to enhance reproduction. Long story short the guy ends up getting banged by his girlfriend? and his step mother. Along with a bunch of others.

  64. 8

    Anything by fuusen club

    Bokkisuru Haha, Nureru Musuko, Forced milf on shota action.

    Zekkyou Jyuku, shota on milf

    Shota training by futa milfs:
    ショタまみれ~射精調教大乱交!~ (Shota Mamire ~ Ejaculation Training Fragrant! ~) Shota training by futa milfs
    Josou Shota Harumi-kun ~Boku wa Minna no Seieki Benjo~
    しょたプルッ!女装少年達の初めてのお泊りH~前編~ Shotopurupu! First time stay of a girls boys H ~ The first part

    Orgamania, can you finsh pages 136+

    The Captive of Mother and Son/Enslaved Mother and Son finsh the rest of the book, pages 104++

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    Hey there, thanks so much for your work.
    My suggestions are two works by Arsenal (I believe you’ve done some of their works in the past).

    Sexaroid Girl ( and Kururukontorakuto! 2nd Stage – Saido Jemini (

    Released in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Each of them have gone without translation (especially pertinent in the case of Kururukontorakuto, as it is the sequel to Devil Cherry Pie ( which has already been translated since long ago. It would be amazing if you took the time to translate the two. Thanks so much.

    Would you be willing to work on either of these if I was to do the typesetting?
    If you sent me the transcripts, I could do the typesetting as necessary.


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    Good afternoon,
    I was hoping you guys could take the time to translate [Kawamoto Hiroshi] Chichi Areba Shiri Ari! I have done some translating and editing myself using omnipage and photoshop, but japanese is not my native language. If I could get some help with pages 22-end it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  67. 3

    I was wondering if somebody could please translate a wonderful Sailor Moon doujin by the great circle Oboro & Tempo Gensui Dou called Sailor Deli Loli Mix. Every other Sailor Moon doujin translated by this artist are ones I really enjoy, and this is the only one untranslated. I would love if somebody could take up the job!

    [Oboro & Tempo Gensui Dou (Tempo Gensui)] Sailor Deli Loli Mix

    I want to apologize for being rude in the past and asking for a bunch of doujins at once. I know now to space them out so I don’t overwork you guys! I love your translations, and I’d love to see your magic worked on this! I hope this is done soon!