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LWB #2059: (C90) [RIN (Mochi)] Granblue Shuten Douji Omakebon (Fate Grand Order)

Shuten Douji is a powerful demonic being from the Fate/Grand Order universe, who is often summoned to make use of her formidable martial powers against fearsome enemies. She is also a cute loli. The gentlemen in this doujin have little interest in her ability to fight legendary battles, and all the more interest in gang-raping her tight loli ass. This is their story.

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Dropping Chio-chan & Gun-Ota

I finished scripts on Gun-ota Ch.13 last week, and decided to quit translating the series.
There really isn’t anywhere the story could go at this point which would keep me interested and engaged – I could list a litany of problems here, but it’s more simple than that – I don’t look forward to translating it any more.

I’m happy people have enjoyed the series and I’d stay on as QC if another translator is found to continue the project with Let it Go Scans.

So Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro was sniped a week or so ago by another group while our Ch.05 was in editing.
I talked to Kusugu, and figured it wasn’t worth continuing in competition with another group, who seem already busy working on Ch.06, so the project’s dropped for the time being.

Again, apologies to those who might be disappointed – thanks for following Chio-chan and Gun-ota thus far and hopefully look forward to more in the future from different scanlators.