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LWB#1855: (C87) [Muchakai (Mucha)] Chizuru-chan Kaihatsu Nikki 2

And here’s part two of Chizuru-chan’s Development Diary.  This is all about Taruma’s training of Chizuru so there isn’t much plot to it, but you don’t really need much plot when you have Chizuru dressed up like that.  The next volume’s currently unreleased atm, the best times to look for that volume will be the end of April at COMIC1☆9 or at C88 in August.  Its possible you could see it released at a smaller event, so always be on the look out.
Happy “Sling Bikini Always Win!!!” Fapping
By Axalon and Psyburn of Funeral of Smiles
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SW#285/LWB#1851: [Saotome Laboratory] Steam Cheese x Strawberry Banana

One of the most wonderfully nasty things I’ve ever seen. Every page has some new fetish, and they’re all dirty as can be. The story is basically about an orgy with two futa girls and a bunch of guys, with the girls in charge. Would love to see more like this from Saotome Laboratory.
By Dark Mac & Adlin5000
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