One thought on “SW #433: [Kawaraya Honpo (Kawaraya A-ta)] Lovey Dovey (Neon Genesis Evangelion)”

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    I noticed a few typos in this release.

    page 22: “(…) is making forget (…)” (missing “me”)
    page 26: “I don’t know… I know why but (…)” (missing “don’t”)

    On a not typo-related note, Rei’s dialogue seems rather odd in how casual and informal her vocabulary is (e.g. “I better” rather than “I should”), considering her canon personality. While a relatively minor issue, it does somewhat cause a “disconnect” of sorts; had it been, say, Mana Kirishima in Rei’s place in this chapter, it would’ve come across much more naturally. Of course, that assumes that her dialogue in the Japanese version isn’t so casual and informal (i.e. more than just sprinkling it every so often with a few slang words/names for sexual organs, sexual acts, and the like) that not reflecting it as such in the English translation would itself be a misrepresentation. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

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