LWB #1972: {Ponymas#01} [Mayoineko (Various)] Horse Kunoichi (Mare Holic 3 Kemolover EX)

As we look back on 2016 and forward to 2017 we invariably
think of the ups and downs, the resolutions kept and broken,
and the amazing and horrible porn we’ve seen. Our biggest regret here at LWB is we didn’t whack it to enough horses, so to rectify that we are giving you the 12 Mares of Ponymas.

On the first day of Ponymas, my true love gave to me:
Seduction skills training.

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LWB #1971: [Wolf Ogami] Musashi and Kojirou (Yawaraka Daisharin)

A forgotten little gem by the master
Wolf Ogami (Super Taboo, Night of Asters).
Two friends meet in an hotel room to have an orgy with their lovers. It’s quite a simple premise and the tone is very lighthearted, but Ogami creates an intriguing and very erotic situation: the lovers are a beautiful (married) woman and two little kids (brother and sister). Check the footnotes for a great explanation
of all the puns and references!

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