LWB #1963: [Bai Asuka] Shinshoku no Toki ~ Aniyome no Musebi [Digital] [English] [LWB + Chocolate Scans]

001It’s like Working, but with more rape and a little bit of bondage. Bai Asuka, criminally undertranslated author, delivers a story of lust and intrigue, when Satoshi has his way with his sister-in-law, Hazusa… oh for fucks sake guys you’re just here to fap. Do you really want a complex in-depth review?

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2 thoughts on “LWB #1963: [Bai Asuka] Shinshoku no Toki ~ Aniyome no Musebi [Digital] [English] [LWB + Chocolate Scans]”

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    Yes.. Yes i do want a review… lol. Well an overview at least. It helps to decide if its worth reading. I like a good story :V

    1. 0

      agreed if I wanted just to fap to pictures I would go to a picture site or look at it untranslated. I know I am getting this for free and such but an overview of contents is very helpful.

      Like working with more rape…that would have been enough here for me though (AH HELL YES!) now if only it was loli (yes I know I am a terrible person)

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