3 thoughts on “TV# 838: [Enoughmin] I’m Glad I Tried to Fight Back Against My Childhood Friend Because I Got a Prostate Massage I’ll Never Forget out of It (COMIC Penguin Celeb 2014-11)”

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    Thanks for working on it, although I kinda wonder why you used mag scans instead of the less censored version.

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      We used magazine scans instead of the less censored version because we didn’t know that there was a self-published version.

      I ran across this chapter while looking through scans of old magazines, searched on exhentai for artist:Igarashi Shouno (the artist whose name is spelled out on English on the first page) and artist:Enoughmin (the artist to whom the chapter was attributed on the ToC someone did, didn’t see an English translation or it being included in a tank, so we went ahead and did it.

      Had I instead searched for group:Enoughmin or artist:Yarai Akira, I’d have found that there was a self-published version that had already been translated into English and we wouldn’t have bothered.

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