SW #421: (Futaket 12) [NULL Mayu (Chimosaku)] Abdominal Pregnancy!


Abdominal pregnancy is actually a real thing that can happen with women, where the baby usually slips out of the womb (I assume Solid Snake did this) and into the abdomen, or sometimes is actually conceived there, and can grow in several places inside of the abdomen, including the bowels, while the placenta can often be found in the peritoneum. Most abdominal pregnancies end up as miscarriages, especially for male fetuses, since male fetuses are much weaker than female fetuses and can’t survive without the protection of the womb. Of course, some sort of c-section or other surgery is generally necessary to deliver the baby, since it’s outside of the regular delivery system. Scientists have theorized that this might be a way to help men and women without uteruses get pregnant in the future.

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7 thoughts on “SW #421: (Futaket 12) [NULL Mayu (Chimosaku)] Abdominal Pregnancy!”

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    Hmm, is that like an ectopic pregnancy then? Also I am not getting anywhere near this doujin but the dude’s expression looks like he just heard the next president will be either Trump or Clinton.

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    Thanks for the info. Interesting yet confusing, and I’m not sure how Snake’s involved with this. lol

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