6 thoughts on “LBB#60: -GUN-OTA CHAPTER 4-”

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    This prize blows me away!! I have 5 great-granddaughters all bow wearing ages and I’d be such a hero to preenst them with any of the goodies from Little Birds Boutique. I have been a fan of LBB on Facebook for a long time and Fran has encouraged all to check out Confessions of a Prop Junkie and enter the giveaway.So glad she did because this is my first time to explore your blog and I’m really enjoying myself. Well I’m off to enter part 2 and good luck to all.

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    Thanks for the new chapter!

    BTW it seems the thumbs up/down comment plugin installed on the blog is giving errors every time I post. Something about not being able to modify already-sent headers…

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