LWB#1900: [Tensei-kun] Young Mamama!! (Momopan 17)


Kids learn about sex pretty young these days… some more young than others, and others more intimately. Kana-chan’s a good friend that teaches her two friends about it all!

(That is to say, she got knocked the fuck up by a rich old dude, and tempts her friends into getting knocked the fuck up too, and being total kept women since he’s rich.)

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SW#403: [Inochi Wazuka] When I Became Her Slave (Complete)

inochiAt long last, the ending! This is kind of a turning point for me
as this is one of the earliest projects I ever worked on.
Some curse afflicted this story because it went through
so many editors who then disappeared, leaving it unfinished…

Until Borgler came up and here it is!
Some good old Inochi Wazuka. Enjoy!

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