7 thoughts on “SW#402: [Ruu Kikaku (Ruuen Rouga)] FARFALLA ARMONIA”

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    Surreal World Transgender News you want to forget ASAP Besides Octomom Nadia the Suleman Botox Lip Jolie Yuckies! The Pregnant FTM Trans-Man was Born with Ovaries=Fail and Hell Not Man at all!
    Oculus Neurolinguistic & Binaural Newhalved Shotarina that looks like Motoko Kusanagi(Hairstyle and the opposite Gender Swap with Happy Endings of Joy;) not Ambiguities) in upcoming volume(s) will become the Pregnant Shota which is “close enough” and needs to be Published Stateside by Dark Horse Comics, DMP, or Central Park Media. Soul Chain Kusari by this Circle was the Shota Prince Tranfigured into Futanari-Herm Sorceress gone Once Upon a Time Beyond Grimms Fairy-Dark’n’Noir & Traumaticlimactic yet Beautiful & Poignant Tales NOT FOR KIDS. Akiba Online I Gratitudez for the HARD Copy also Please do show your support if you want “Some Moaw?! Guv’ner!” by Purchasing/DDL and E/SnailMailing Fan-Art(Affections Reciprocated) to the Circle of Production and (Self)Publication. Tekkaman Dead-End gives Three Thumbs Up, Oni Aunty Bag weeps tears of Joy, Haku and Zabuza want a Threesome, Sechs would Fizzroy the Dogshit out of that with “Expansion/Diet Thrust” and Hertza Haeon Foreplayer. Amazing that this is the precedent Setting Character Transgenderformation for Doujin Culture of the the VR Violet&Azure Clouded Butterfly piercing the Gender Veil.

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