4 thoughts on “LWB#1894: [Akai Mato] Why, why, why did I steal them?! (Girls forM Vol. 09)”

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    So… Needless to say. I found the rest of them, mostly thanks to your links obviously (6 in total I believe). I’m not entirely sure if finding them was the healthiest thing for my health butta… Now that I’m done with them… I’m not too sure what else to do with my life.

    Much, much gratitude all the same. If more comes out, please don’t delay. In the mean time I’ll be getting my right hand x-rayed and getting a new supply of tissue paper.


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    Much obliged for all the GFM works LWB has translated, but Akai Moto’s are the ones I personally appreciate most of all so this is particularly great.

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