SW#304: [Kurenai Yuuji] FutaKyo! ch.4 (Comic Masyo 2015-06)

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Fourth chapter of FutaKyo.
The Fuck Manga Club goes to the hot springs. Fun times were had.

A note from DerEX

As you might have noticed by now, FutaKyo isn’t really about exhibitionism (or at least, proper in-depth exhibitionism) and chances are that if you’re a Kurenai Yuuji fan you’re also an exhibitionism fan.
In FutaKyo you can clearly see that sex is the main focus and there’s no more space for the right amount of teasing/build up present in his older stuff. Even FutaRoMa Plus, which featured sex unlike regular FutaRoMa, had, in my opinion, a nice balance between sex and actual exhibitionism but FutaKyo actively skims over that to make more sex scenes fit. Don’t get me wrong, FutaKyo is awesome, this chapter was great and we’re not gonna stop putting them out but I’d really like if they were less one-sided in that regard.
Now, FutaKyo is pretty much Kurenai’s new “main” series and a new FutaRoMa is probably never coming out (see FutaRoMa Commemorative Edition’s afterword) so we’re most likely not getting another series like that for a while.
Having said that, I thought that I could try finding what I’m (and you, probably) looking for elsewhere and this is the entire point of this long preamble: if you know of authors that specialize in exhibitionism content or specific works you’d like to see translated, feel free to send me a PM on the eh forums and let me know about them because, as of now, I honestly can’t think of many (excluding Charu and Aita Nikov). It doesn’t necessarily need to be futa or lacking actual sex, it just needs to give exhibitionism the right amount of space and care.

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