5 thoughts on “SW#301: (C77) [roof-top (Najimi Shin)] “Twin Cum-Shaft” (Shugo Chara!)”

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    What’s better than Futa? Loli Futa of course! The perfect character in my opinion would be a Short-haired Tomboy Loli Futa doing anal to another Loli. That would be alot of tags lol. Now I love the ones with just the sex in it as much as the next person. I prefer to have a good story with it. That’s what separates Hentai mangas from just run of the mill porn.

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      As per the norm with MF. I hadn’t seen a single site use that in years. MEGA is really good for free users though. No wait times, no capchas, no pop-ups and as far as I have found so far no DL limits.

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