SW#293: [Horihone Saizou] Never-Ending


Trap meets another trap in a bar whose dream is to lick ass forever, and makes that dream come true. Rimjobs are really sexy doujin material, and I think this is the only thing I’ve seen that really focuses on them. Wish there were more.

by Dark Mac & derEX

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5 thoughts on “SW#293: [Horihone Saizou] Never-Ending”

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    Any chance we might see cannabis fuck!! chapter 2 and 4 translated?

    (after school fuck / rinkan fuck, you guys did chapter 1 and 3)

    Chapter 4 seems really nice, would be nice to have the entire series translated, dont know if there was a reason why you only did 1 and 3.
    (hope it doesnt spam, keep getting some posting error)

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