8 thoughts on “LWB#1864: [Akai Mato] I am not, not, not a girl! (Girls forM Vol. 07)”

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    “The guy that will never, never, never have sex!”
    Just kidding, there’s no name set for it as of now. (and we don’t know if it will ever have one)

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      Given that the titles are all in first person, probably:
      “I will never, never, never have sex with you!”

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      There’s no official one as far as I know. All the chapters have a title with a triple repetition, so there’s that…
      We may get one for the whole series if the author ever gets to publish a collection book of his own. Until then, tough luck.

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    Thanks for this. It’s been a great series so far and they’ve found a way to make it even better.

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