SW#285/LWB#1851: [Saotome Laboratory] Steam Cheese x Strawberry Banana

One of the most wonderfully nasty things I’ve ever seen. Every page has some new fetish, and they’re all dirty as can be. The story is basically about an orgy with two futa girls and a bunch of guys, with the girls in charge. Would love to see more like this from Saotome Laboratory.
By Dark Mac & Adlin5000
Mega | Sendspace | Or read online at e-hentai

4 thoughts on “SW#285/LWB#1851: [Saotome Laboratory] Steam Cheese x Strawberry Banana”

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    You said that you will pick this one up around two years ago and i was waiting warmly all the time, you finally did it, than you.

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    To be honest, I had already given up hope to see this translated, but you guys did it thanks very much. Hope see more this in the future.

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    OH MY FUCKING LORD! Saotome-lab YES!!! I hope see more his work. He is one of the most perverted and dirty and awesome artist EVER!

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