6 thoughts on “LWB#1857: (C87) [Saigado (Saigado)] AYANAMI28 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)”

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    very very profound Melody, totally love this piece and agree with it.“If we do not hope, how will we know what lies beyond those hopes” read this somewhere and just realised how true it is…….:) P.S. i want to thank you for starting this wonderful website. i joined it just a day ago and already feel so positive and full of energy!!!!!!

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    Fiona May Have you any idea if I can make a photo album private on a local business page? I am a phgortoapher and I want to be able to let the bride and groom see their photos privately while they are on honeymoon.

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    My doll had great hair when she came (and my sister’s doll did too). I cobmed her out, snipped a couple little snarls, and that was it. I do think the hairdo they gave her is best styled the way they designed it (i.e. a strip of bangs in the middle, the rest tousled around the head piece thingumajig, with the front bits flipped back). Her hair doesn’t seem to be capable of many other looks. Which is my sad conclusion about her in general: her design is so conceptually specific that she doesn’t transcend it. I took her out of her stock and put her into other clothes, took some photographs, and unlike my other Blythes, she didn’t come alive. She just turned into a dead doll, nothing special to photograph and is a very young-looking RBL to boot (I don’t like my dolls to look childish). But back in her stock, she is Ayanamei Rei. But only Ayanamei Rei. This isn’t a criticism, but it is my main disappointment with her. My Blythe dolls are like my little theater troupe, but I can’t actually bend AR to my purposes and express what I want with her. I love her red eyes and blue hair, but she’s back in her box now because she just doesn’t fit into my collection. Not really sure what I’ll end up doing with her. However I will definitely think twice before buying another collaboration doll.

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    Great, I love this kind of Ayanami so voluptous (like the Ayanami of Mogudan), thanks a lot for the translation.

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