LWB#1856: [Deep Valley] Stamen and Pistil and Fertilization Ch. 5

5e314a08e0Sadly, the final chapter in the Stamen and Pistil saga. The ending’s pretty nice from all points of view, though I very much wish we got more of it. Just the descriptions of other things that happens are pretty wonderful. This chapter adds a little exhibitionist fun, and we finally get some threesome action. A fitting conclusion for the series.
By Dark Mac & mrwayne
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3 thoughts on “LWB#1856: [Deep Valley] Stamen and Pistil and Fertilization Ch. 5”

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    No way, really? I had already even forgotten of this story, well I could have love to see at least one chapter more but this ending is really pretty good, probably one of the best endings in hentai of this kind, thanks a lot.

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