5 thoughts on “LWB#1851: (C86) [Minori Kenkyuujo (Jikken Shirou)] Exhibitionist Girl”

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    I’m a bit surprised that the author added a rather realistic elements in this, that the girl knows what a “pedo” and “hard-on” is. It’s rather common these days that young kids knows that those two things are(with maybe some exception to knowing what sex is), due to the Internet, word of mouth and the Media(reports on pedos getting caught etc. etc.).
    So yeah…

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    Every time I read one of their works, it’s like I gain a new level of appreciation for the fetish they’re covering. Loved Haisetsu Senmon Girl and they haven’t disappointed me since. Thanks for continually translating their works.

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    Thanks a million, was waiting for this. Could’ve used the Chinese scan on exhentai, since it is uncensored, but that’s minor tbh. Hope to see the new one translated soon. Thanks a bunch for your work LWB!

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