8 thoughts on “TV#804: (C87) [LinkRingRin (Natsume Kei)] Nishimiya and Ishida Are, (A Silent Voice)”

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    Ow! She really slaped it! She’s Turning a Deaf ear to him? Was that line really in there? That is sooo wrong. Then that written conquest strategy was hilarious! Then Shing! She holds up the condom like “I have the power”. I may be biased here since I love this series, but that was was so well done. I can’t think of a single complaint. Well other than the horrible censorship that was done to this.

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    Quite amusing & disposes of the verbiage such shorts oft do~
    Well, mostly, but what’s left is quite amusing.


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    Nishimiya is so damn cute in this, and the art is really good; could mistake it for being made by the artist of the original manga.

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    Holy Crap! I never expected a hentai doujin based on this story (although truth be told, you could make a hentai doujin based on *anything*). Thanks a *lot* for this one. I can only hope there will be more like this in the future.

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      I know! I have been following this manga, also called Koe no Katachi, on Crunchyroll. I have the first American release pre-ordered to come out in May from RightStuf.com

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