LWB, Team Vanilla, & Short Wharf: by our fetishes combined, we are a news post

You might have noticed that Team Vanilla and Short Wharf are now categories rather than their own blogs. That lets you filter by group while being much easier for us to manage (not to mention cheaper to host!)

As always, if you’d like to edit or translate hentai with us, check out our recruiting post! You can get started on a project right away, and get help from experienced scanlators.

If you like everything we do, just keep coming to the main page like always. If you only want some of the content, here are several ways to follow us below the cut:

The URLs for each blog now redirect to the category pages for each sub-group, so you can just bookmark them. They are:
Little White Butterflies
Little Black Butterflies
Team Vanilla
Short Wharf

If you’re one of the 50 of us nerds still using RSS feeds instead of
social media, the feed URL is:
I recommend this option. Having everything you’re interested in show up in your browser sidebar saves you a lot of time fucking around on the net.

If anyone needs an email or AOL subscription option for their great-grandmother, we’ll be happy to oblige.

23 thoughts on “LWB, Team Vanilla, & Short Wharf: by our fetishes combined, we are a news post”

  1. 10

    didn’t you guys had a torrent, which contained all the mangas/dojinshis you guy translated? Do you guy still have it?

  2. -2

    Glad the transition to one whole site is going so smoothly. Though with it I must request something. I have been acquiring SW’s releases for years but I recently had a mishap (my computer caught on fire…for reals) and I was hoping to find a big ‘ol compilation file to just download all of SW’s releases.

    Any chance of getting something along those lines up? Or is it already and I’m blind as hell.

    1. 4

      We do have a batch torrent, but I recently found out it’s not nearly as up to date as I thought. You get a lot of them here https://deadfrog.me/entry.html?id=50330 (there _are_ seeds, just not shown on the tracker), but I’m afraid the rest of them won’t be available until we get that updated.

  3. -4

    Seriously…Captain Planet?

    You used Captain Planet as reference to make the title of this post….okay. I remember watching all the episodes, but haven’t thought of it in decades. So why did I so easily recognize this? Huh oh well.
    Your site at the moment looks alot like SaHa’s now. to where I had to check that I clicked on the right one. Not to say that’s bad or anything just weird.

  4. 0

    Ah, I use Newsblur and was subscribed to Short Wharf. The RSS automatically converted to the new Short Wharf feed, but the title changed, I was wondering why that was. Good to know!

  5. 0

    I would greatly appreciate it if whoever is adding your releases to mangaupdates keeps doing so with separate group names.

    It makes hoarding porn much easier for me.

    1. 3

      We actually have absolutely no idea who’s doing that: we don’t even get visits from mangaupdates since they removed their links, so we haven’t considered it a way for people to find the releases since then.
      But hey, anonymous stranger, please keep doing that if you’re reading this. Not everyone wants to see disgusting vanilla in their wholesome gay fetish porn.

    1. 2

      Oh wow, there are people using them. And the TV and SW feeds are also working correctly: excellent! Thanks for the heads up.
      It’s cool how seamlessly everything’s gone so far.

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