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    Hi, First of all, congratulations for your site! I’ve a request, Where I can find the torrent link for your SW older works? I’ve read on the comments that there was another site before this.. so I’m very curious to read every work that that you’ve done!
    Waiting for your answer,
    Best wishes

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    I’m not sure how to send messages in the forum considering I’ve spent a long time looking for it and a way to contact the writers for the doujins. Can anyone can provide some info on how to be a writer for doujins. I would love to give it a try, reading the doujins now compared to how they used to be seems to not read the mood or the designs facial expression, changing dialogue.

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      Eventually. Although as always the best way to get a ‘request’ done is to join the group and start editing, or at least try cleaning the request and posting it on the forum.

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    Hello lwb,

    first of all congratualtions on your new site. I just have a quick question (sorry if i’ve missed this being answered somewhere else) but will you be uploadings your old scanlations here? or having some sort of directory or something?

    Keep up the great work!!


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      We’ll be updating the batch torrent to include everything, but there’s no point in having the old posts: most DL links are dead, and you can easily find it all on exhentai or the torrent.

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        Actually, is there a chance you’ll eventually add back the old posts? Helps with searching what else you’ve guys translated from artists and certain categories. Even if DL links are dead, it’s nice to have a starting point to google stuff from there (especially for stuff that’s not on exhentai anymore either).

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          I’m afraid the old posts are ded forever. The stuff that’s not on exhentai can mostly be found on nhentai for the moment, and we should have an updated batch torrent to search soon, too.

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      Changing things up a bit. Remember the post about hosting changes?
      We’ll be adding features over the next few weeks.

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