Though LWB may refer to itself as a group, it’s more of a community.

  • Members are not required to work on anything;
    there is no “quota,” no “assignments.”
  • Members are free to work with whoever and whatever they want outside of the group. Many of our members do.
  • Members are free to come and go. We understand that real life can interfere with Chinese cartoon porn.
  • You aren’t required to like a certain fetish, and there are
    no restrictions on fetishes you can work on.
  • Since we are a English translation group, we do ask that
    new members have some fluency in English to help with
    communication between members.

So why should you join LWB?

  • We emphasize quality. Each and every release goes through
    quality control given by other translators and editors. You’ll
    never have to typeset broken English, and you’ll never have to see
    your script mangled by poor editing.
  • We have many experienced members on our team, all of whom help each other with translation and editing, and will gladly teach newbies.
  • We don’t stop at “good enough.” We constantly strive to improve our skills.

To apply, go to our discord and we’ll go from there.

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