SW#281: [RED-RUM] Higurashi no Koe

Sequel of “After School Ladies Club”‘s 3rd chapter, although not in the same series (this is kinda convoluted) featuring the same lovely trap and her delicious thighs getting in a sticky situation.
The previous chapters and spin-offs will be translated after this so the plot can finally make sense.
By Yukio & derEX
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LWB#1848: (C86) [Muchakai (Mucha)] Chizuru-chan’s Development Diary

00-1A collab between Axalon and Psyburn at Funeral of Smiles.
And here we go with Chizuru-chan’s Development Diary 1 by Mucha.  Chizuru Shiina is a smart and morally upstanding student who for all intent and purpose is in love with one of her teachers, Tsukino.  However, Tamura has a plot of his own and, because of a chance encounter, plans for Chizuru.  Part two will be up in a few weeks as I wanna play Monster Hunter 4 for a while before finishing…
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