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LWB #1985: [Minori Kenkyuujo (Minori Kenshirou)] Minori Kenkyuujo Collection 2012~2015

Here we are, at the end of a lengthy road!

This is a collection released by the master himself.
We translated all the notes and extra commentary from the author, plus the couple of new short stories published within
and a joke story. The collected works have not been re-edited;
we used the wonderful previous edits instead.

This is the ultimate way to enjoy Minori Kenkyuujo’s works.
Let’s hope to see more from them in the future!

The following people, over the years,
worked together to bring these to you:
Scanners: tooecchi, horn goat
Translators: maipantsu, Dark Mac
Editors: Anon
QC: Dark Mac, maipantsu, kudo

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Dropping Chio-chan & Gun-Ota

I finished scripts on Gun-ota Ch.13 last week, and decided to quit translating the series.
There really isn’t anywhere the story could go at this point which would keep me interested and engaged – I could list a litany of problems here, but it’s more simple than that – I don’t look forward to translating it any more.

I’m happy people have enjoyed the series and I’d stay on as QC if another translator is found to continue the project with Let it Go Scans.

So Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro was sniped a week or so ago by another group while our Ch.05 was in editing.
I talked to Kusugu, and figured it wasn’t worth continuing in competition with another group, who seem already busy working on Ch.06, so the project’s dropped for the time being.

Again, apologies to those who might be disappointed – thanks for following Chio-chan and Gun-ota thus far and hopefully look forward to more in the future from different scanlators.


Recruiting Now!

We are searching for new editors and translators.

We have a place for every fetish:

Little White Butterflies:
The more extreme fetishes or everything that doesn’t fit in the other groups. Nothing is too depraved.
Short Wharf:
Everything Futa, Yaoi and Femdom
Team Vanilla:
Consensual, loving sex
Little Black Butterflies:
Non-H mangas, especially if drawn by H-artists

If you are interested in joining, read our recruiting post and join us on discord

LWB, Team Vanilla, & Short Wharf: by our fetishes combined, we are a news post

You might have noticed that Team Vanilla and Short Wharf are now categories rather than their own blogs. That lets you filter by group while being much easier for us to manage (not to mention cheaper to host!)
Now that we’ve finished the basic setup, we’re working on making the place look nice and updating the batch torrent. Until then, here’s everything you need to join and follow us.

As always, if you’d like to edit or translate hentai with us, come to the forum and introduce yourself! You can get started on a project right away, and get help from experienced scanlators.

If you like everything we do, just keep coming to the main page like always. If you only want some of the content, here are several ways to follow us below the cut:
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