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LWB#1843: [Tensei-kun] Chocolat-san’s Great DIET Pig Plan (Original)

Momo_an23_004Chocolat is some magic girl or something who wants to lose weight. She decides the best way to lose way is to get knocked up by a pig monster. What a genius.
This is the first in a series of sorts. The second is coming soon, and the the third was translated long ago.
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LWB, Team Vanilla, & Short Wharf: by our fetishes combined, we are a news post

You might have noticed that Team Vanilla and Short Wharf are now categories rather than their own blogs. That lets you filter by group while being much easier for us to manage (not to mention cheaper to host!)
Now that we’ve finished the basic setup, we’re working on making the place look nice and updating the batch torrent. Until then, here’s everything you need to join and follow us.

As always, if you’d like to edit or translate hentai with us, come to the forum and introduce yourself! You can get started on a project right away, and get help from experienced scanlators.

If you like everything we do, just keep coming to the main page like always. If you only want some of the content, here are several ways to follow us below the cut:
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LWB#1835 (C87) [MAIDOLL (Fei)] Rakuen Brilliant Club (Amagi Brilliant Park)

002aRemember how they mentioned a love hotel next to ABP right at the start of the series? Did anyone else think that would be a perfect way for a busty woman to make a lot of cash very quickly?
So did Maidoll. All hail, Maidoll! –Imari

P.S. I do love Maidoll’s artwork. Loverly.

Translated by Imari, edited by Psyburn. So basically a collab between SNP and Funeral of Smiles

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