LWB#1897: [Minori Kenkyuujo (Minori Kenshirou)] Pain Princess

blogpostHere’s Pain Princess, the latest work from Minori Kenkyuujo,
and possibly the last one for a while. You may remember him
from great classics like “the girl who puked”, “the girl who shat a lot” and “the girl whose nipples got destroyed mercilessly”.

As you can imagine, many of us love these works to death, both because of the incredible art style and the compelling stories.
It’s sad to learn that the core project is over and the releases
may become pretty irregular from now on.

Let’s all hope he’ll put up many more great doujin
in the years to come.

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9 thoughts on “LWB#1897: [Minori Kenkyuujo (Minori Kenshirou)] Pain Princess”

  1. 1

    I like the beating, but not in the face, and the eyeball thing really made me cringe. Really great manga, but like another guy said, not great for fapping.

    Does anyone have a link to the full collection? I had a PC go bad a while back and hadn’t backed up in a while, and lost most of the others. Missing the original poop girl, nipple girl, and puke girl. I spent some time looking for them, but Google fails me.

  2. 0

    You have to look at it this way, These girls had issues, now they only want certain things, its what they enjoy. Adults “suffer” from the same conditions and its not strange that a child might as well.

    You have those that enjoy being in pain. and you have those that enjoy inflicting it. If the girl wants pain, and that guy is willing to give it, then they are both perfectly happy.

    This series is for the most part about these types of things, sad situations where each girl finds a guy who is willing and able to do exactly what the girl enjoys even if it isnt a ‘normal taste’. I personally enjoy this series and frankly its more romantic then many other stories where its JUST about the guy getting off and forcing the girl to like it/brainwashing her etc.

  3. -2

    I really can’t get off on this.
    This story is just tragic and sad.
    I see how people like many things, but hurting a little girl just doesn’t click with me.
    And then it’s packed in a tragic story of neglect, abuse and loneliness.
    I was planning on fapping, but now I just feel like donating to a shelter.

    1. -1

      Apparently you can’t understand that a manga, including one with pornographic content, is a work of art. If you read mangas which show how little girls are raped and fap to it as long as it is presented as something ‘hot’ and entertaining but suddely start being disgusted when the tragic aspects of such a story are depicted, then you don’t seem to have a very mature approach to it – sorry to say. Personally, I did not fap to it and most likely won’tread it again, but it was drawn well and I believe that LWD derserve credit to translate stuff like that, too.

      ‘I was planning on fapping, but now I just feel like donating to a shelter’
      I understand that you don’t real mean it that way, but if you don’t usually donate to shelters but do it after reading a hentai manga then you don’t really care about the shelter but about your inexplicable bad conscience. It isn’t better than allowing unethically and flashy media campaigns with a doubtful background to dictate your asylum policies. The moral facade and the understandable human emotions hide moral nihilism and a general desultoriness.

      1. -1

        Yeah… Lambasting the dude for lacking “moral fiber” because he’s feeling depressed after reading this “work of art” featuring a girl who likes getting punched… Did you fry your own brain after reading too much Nietzsche in an attempt to understand it?

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